APS Aviation Parts Service NV stands for flexibility

competence and reliability within the aviation industry

Our strength offering quick response

each request is treated as an AOG request

we are looking for efficacity

solutions at attractive prices

Our main goal is to satisfy our customers by providing quality service!

Aviation Part Service (APS) can offer a full range of parts and lubricants for the aviation industry!


We are in the aviation since 1992.

Thanks to our long experience, we know that it is imperative to provide parts quickly at a good price! Our parent company in Germany stock’s over 27,000 line items, thanks to that we can respond quickly when it is needed. Anxious to satisfy our customers we try to offer a quick and quality service!


We offers you an efficient and professional spare parts services for aircraft and the aviation industry.

Our spare parts experience spanning more than 20 years, online contact with a whole host of suppliers, and efficient and well-designed logistics all combine to enable us to provide our customers with quick and reliable solutions even in the most difficult of situations.


Head Office: Oyenbrugstraat 47, B-1850 Grimbergen

Business Center: Humbeeksesteenweg 313, B-1850 Grimbergen

Shipping: Oyenbrugstraat 47, B-1850 Grimbergen

Country: Belgium

Telephone: +32(0) 2 267 47 84; Fax: +32(0)2 267 47 93;

Email: administration@aps-aviation.be